Cam Follower and Track Roller - Yoke Type

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Also known as yoke-style cam followers, these rollers have more mounting flexibility than threaded track rollers. They're typically mounted onto a shaft or clevis rod end. Lubricate rollers through a hole and groove in the inner ring. Rollers have end seals to protect rolling elements from dirt and contamination.


Standard Needle Bearing Cam Followers and Cam Yoke Rollers. Carter Standard Type bearings are easily mounted and ideally suited for many cam or track roller applications with moderate loading and shock. The bearings are sealed to help prevent contamination and retain lubrication. Cam Followers / Yoke Rollers Cam follower roller bearings are specifically designed to follow cams or tracks on a wide range of linear motion systems. They can be used on conveyors and process transfer lines in many different industries including packaging, food processing, power generation, recreation, automation, transportation, wastewater  and so on.